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Comprehensive 5-Star Long Island & Ronkonkoma Water Damage Remediation Services

You don’t have to handle water damage on your own! We’re available 24/7 in case of any emergency situations. Our customers know when they want the best water damage company in Suffolk County, they call Restoration Pros NY. Read our 5-star reviews and request an inspection today.
Your property can be damaged from water in a variety of ways. We offer various water damage restoration solutions depending on the situation. From pipe bursts to ceiling leaks Restoration Pros NY can handle it! Regardless of what type of water damage you’ve been effected by, we follow the IICRC restoration process to ensure the job is done correctly. Call a professional water damage cleanup contractor in Ronkonkoma , Long Island, or the surrounding area soon as possible to get your home or business to its original pre-water damaged condition.

Residential And Commercial DAMAGE Restoration Services

The Most Common Water Damage Situations in The Long Island NY Area

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Water Heater Burst

Water heaters will rust if used for a long enough time. This means that the tank could develop a hole in it. It is also possible for the relief valve to stick open, or a water line to break on top from excessive heat cycles.


Bathroom Flooding

Bathrooms are notorious for water damage because there are so many potential causes of water damage in one room. It could be the result of anything from a sewage back up to a broken water line.

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Sewage Backup

Kitchen disposals are notorious for getting clogged. If your disposal has gotten clogged it may allow water to back up in your sink which could lead to it flooding your kitchen if not overseen properly.

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Water Damage From Appliances

Washing machines all begin to develop issues as they age. Sometimes they will develop a crack in the basin, or break a hose, which can lead to flooding your laundry area.


Basement Water Removal

Basements may be the most common and hazaourdous place in your home to experience water damage. If the water damage comes from a sewage back up, then it will come back into your basement first.

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Roof & Ceiling Leaks

If you have a roof or ceiling leak, then you not only have a water damage issue to deal with, but you also must worry about where it is coming from. These types of leaks are some of the worst because they are unnoticeable.

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How Can Our Water Damage Services Help Long Island Property Owners?


If you have had water infiltrate your home then dehumidification will be one of the most important steps that will need to be taken. Just because the water is gone does not mean that the danger has also disappeared. If you have elevated levels of humidity it can lead to mold, illness, mildew, unpleasant odors, and rot. Your home and furniture will feel moist, start to smell, and eventually deteriorate.

Leak Detection

There may come a time that you think you have a leak, but do not know where it is. It is because of a high-water bill, an unpleasant odor, or a running water sound. Calling a water damage company will allow them to be able to inspect your home for signs of leaks or infiltration. We here at Restoration Pros Ny will be able to assess your specific circumstances and help guide you through the restoration process.

Structural Drying

When a building experiences water damage the structure will also become waterlogged. You may be worried about your carpet or furniture, but the structure of your building behind the sheetrock is soaking up water. It is extremely important to get a water damage repair crew to assess the damage and begin a structural drying process. Excess water can lead to mold growth and cause the lumber in your structure to start rotting causing many more issues than you had expected.

Thermal Inspections

Thermal imaging will give us at Restoration Pros NY a visual image of the temperature of your structure. This will reveal any excessively warm or cold spots that may represent a leak. You may have a cracked or broken water line within that region. It not only helps us, your water damage repair experts, to find potential leaks. It also helps us narrow down where the leak may be. If we can see on the camera that the temperature difference is in a specific spot, we will be able to access a small spot to repair the leak. Otherwise, we may have to open a large hole to access the issue.

Water Removal

This will be the first step after your home or business is impacted by water damage. Once you contact us, your local Ronkonkoma water damage restoration experts, we will come to your home or business and begin removing all the standing water. We have specialized equipment for removing water and are very proficient at doing so. We will have the water removed out of your home or business in no time, and then will be moving on to the next step.

Residential And Commercial DAMAGE Restoration Services

We Provide Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration for All Property Types



Any water damage that occurs in your home will be considered a residential issue. Make sure that the water damage cleanup company assisting you is accustomed to dealing with residential home damage and has a plan on how to get your life and home back to normal.



This is going to be when there is water damage in your business. If you own or manage a business make sure that you have a water damage restoration company that is suited to manage your building space and contents on speed dial.



If you are in the middle of an emergency, such as a broken water line pouring water into your home, then you need to call a water damage restoration contractor immediately. If you have been unsuccessful, they will be able to shut your water off and help you work through the next steps. We here at Restoration Pros NY are fully equipped and prepared to help resolve your residential, commercial, or emergency needs. Call us today and let us restore your home and help you get through this disaster.

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You Called The #1 Long Island Water Damage Company, What’s Next?

You have discovered water damage in your home but it’s late and you do not know who you should call. You should first shut the water off if possible. Restoration Pros will respond in less than an hour you do not have to wait around for a response. With a 5-star rating we are continuing to prove that we are the water damage repair company you need to resolve your issues. Now that we are on our way, and you have a foot of water in your basement what should you do? If it is safe to remove the debris floating around the room then do so, if not then wait on the professionals.

Step 1: Shutoff All Utilities

Once we arrive, we will first ensure that the water entering your home has been stopped. This is also a determining factor in what we do next. Once we know which type of water it is we can proceed, clean water, grey water (sink/tub drain water), or black water (sewage water). Which type of water we will be dealing with will determine how we approach. We will use the proper safety techniques and gear to keep everyone safe.

Step 2: Remove All Water

Next will be removing all the standing water. After you call us, you can begin to get the water out yourself. Use towels, buckets, and any other means possible. Wet/dry vacuums are excellent for small spills, but for a large project you should leave the vacuums to the professionals. Water and electricity can be dangerous when mixed and can lead to injuries. We will show up with pump trucks, gas powered pumps, suction pads and more, to evacuate all the standing water from your home or business. All your furniture and items that may be salvageable will need to be taken away from the area to a safe and dry area. It will need to be decided if they are to be cleaned or salvaged, and it will help reduce further damage.

Step 3: Dry-out The Effected Areas

Once the all the standing water has been removed the dehumidification process will begin. With the help of dehumidifiers, fans, filters, moisture detectors, and more the moisture and humidity will be removed as well. To fully remove the moisture from the space your flooring, paneling, or drywall may need to be removed.

Step 4: Restore Back To Its Original Condition

Lastly, we will help you get back to normal. We will assist you in restoring your furniture and repairing the necessary damage caused by accessing areas for the dehumidification process or fixing leaks. Restoration Pros NY will see you through until the end.

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How Much Do Water Damage Restoration Services Cost?

The cost is highly dependent on the extent of damage, the equipment necessary for the job, and how much water damage restoration must be done. Getting a proper estimate and assessment is the best way to see the cost. You may also ask how long the water damage repair will take. If it is a simple dry out then we can have it done in as little as 3 days, but if it has difficult repairs or extensive drying work then the time needed to complete the job will increase.

Our Water Damage Company Is Here 24/7, Especially When You Need Us Most!

Restoration Pros NY is the top rated water restoration company in the Long Island, Ronkonkoma, and Suffolk County area. With our immediate response time and superior customer service, you can expect quick and professional response by a human member of our team. We are fully licensed by IICRC, insured, and maintain a 5-star rating across all review platforms. Our techs specialize in commercial and residential water damage repair.

We accept all insurance companies and help walk you through the entire claims process. If you want a dependable water damage restoration company near you, call us today, before it turns into an emergency!

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