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Jason and his team were super efficient in and out with the cleanup in less than 2 hours!! Absolute pleasure to work with.

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Restoration Pros NY

Pre & Post-Storm Damage Repair Services for Homes and Commercial Businesses

Storm damage can be devastating to your home and to your family. Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with, and when she strikes Restoration Pros NY will be here to help you pick up the pieces. Storm damage can be unpredictable, you may have lost a couple of shingles, or you might have a tree sitting in your living room. This is what we are here for. We want to help guide you from a damaged house, back to the home you know and love. Keep reading this article to see how we can help you weather the storm damage.

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Residential And Commercial DAMAGE Restoration Services

Storm Damage Situations



Hurricanes are capable of untold damage and you need to be prepared for it to limit the damage to your home. Which is why Service Pros offers emergency board up services. But what if the hurricane hit before you can protect your home? You are going to need storm restoration company that can help you deal with the aftermath. Whether you have broken windows, a tore up roof, or some other damage, call the pros at Restoration Pros NY.

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Frozen Pipes

It’s no secret that Long Island, NY gets cold in the winter. Even the most prepared homes may end up with a broken water line under the right circumstances. We at Restoration Pros NY specialize in water damage repair. We will find the source of the leak, get it turned off, remove the water, and clean your home back to normal. There’s no water leak that the damage restoration specialists at Restoration Pros NY can’t handle.


High Winds

People tend to take high winds lightly, but they are far more dangerous than most people realize. High winds are capable of stripping shingles from your roof, sending debris through your windows, and pushing heavy objects like trees onto your home.


Hail or Ice Storms

Hail is commonly associated with vehicle damage. However, it can cause a significant amount of damage to your home as well. It can damage your roofing, especially if you have a metal roof, it can break windows, break siding and more. Ice storms can be very dangerous to your home as well. They can pull electrical lines down that are connected to your home and they can cause trees and limbs to fall onto your home.

Residential And Commercial DAMAGE Restoration Services

Protect Your Property From Further Storm Damage

Window Board Up

Roof Tarp Installation

This will be a very common thing that may need to be one of the first things done. If your home has sustained any type of roof damage such as missing shingles or tree limbs puncturing the roof, then you will need to have your roof tarped until it can be repaired. This will consist of taking large tarps and attaching them over your roof in a way that any continuation of rain will roll off the tarp, instead of finding its way through the damaged roof and into your home.

Roof Tarp Installation

Emergency Window Board-Up Services

What happens if the storm has broken windows out of your home? Or if a hurricane is coming and you need your windows sealed before it hits? You don’t want to risk water getting inside and soaking into your structure leading to moisture and mold issues. Call us at Restoration Pros NY, and we will conduct an emergency board up service for you. We will cover all your open windows with lumber to keep the weather where it belongs, outside.

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Keep Your Home Dry With Post-Storm Roof Repair & Structural Drying

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home when considering your safety and wellbeing. It is extremely important to get your roof repaired as quickly as possible. Restoration Pros NY offers a tarping service until you can get everything figured out, which can be very helpful to give you some time to contact your insurance company. If the damage is worse than what a tarp can cover, and you are going to need to have decking and shingles replaced Restoration Pros NY can help you with that also.

If the storm has allowed water to enter your home, whether it is from broken windows or flooding, Restoration Pros NY are experts at water removal and repair. Allow us to come and remove all the water from your home, before bringing in our specialized equipment to dry the structure of your home. This will prevent your home from developing mold and rot issues.

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Get Your Home Back To Normal With Storm Damage Repairs

If your home has suffered storm damage then you will have debris associated with it. This is when you should call Restoration Pros NY, we will be able to come to your residence and clean up all the debris left behind by the storm. Whether it is natural debris or debris from the damage to your home, you can trust Restoration Pros NY to leave you with a clean and debris free residence once they are done.

Now that you have dealt with the damage to your home you will need to begin the reconstruction. The pros at Restoration Pros NY are the ones that you need to call for this. We will be able to assess the damages caused by the storm, giving you an accurate and detailed estimate to complete the project from start to finish.

Call The Top-Rated Storm Damage Contractors on Long Island & Suffolk County NY

If your home as received storm damage, then you need storm restoration experts to help you bring your home back to the way it was. If you call a storm restoration company like Restoration Pros NY, we will help guide you through the process while providing you with superior work at a first-class quality.

Restoration Pros NY is the storm damage restoration company that you will repair your storm damages. With our immediate response time we can assure you that you will be spoken with quickly and in a professional manner. We are fully licensed by IICRC, insured, and maintain five stars rating. We are locally owned and operated out of Long Island, NY. We specialize in commercial and residential restoration issues. We accept all insurance companies. If you want a dependable storm damage restoration company. Call the pros at Restoration Pros NY and let us help you repair your home today.

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