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Proper Biohazard Cleanup on Long Island, Ronkonkoma, and Nearby Areas in Suffolk County NY

Biohazard aftermath can happen from a number of situations. Some of which are under very regrettable circumstances. However, if there is a biohazard issue there is no reason that it should ruin the home that it occurred in. Whether it is a hoarding issue, sewage, or crime scene clean up, call the licensed biohazard restoration professionals at Restoration Pros NY to help you clean up safely.

Residential And Commercial DAMAGE Restoration Services

We’re Suffolk County’s Top Rated Crime Scene Cleanup Service

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Blood residue left uncleaned can lead to serious disease outbreaks. If an area has been affected by blood it will require all of the matter to be removed, the area to be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. After which it will need to be assessed for cleanliness.

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Suicide is a horrible tragedy to have to deal with, one that we here at Restoration Pros NY are prepared to help you get through. Suicide may leave behind bodily fluids, property damage, or blood. We know that this is a very emotional time for you and your family. We hope to have the chance to clean your home while being as discreet as possible, showing you the respect that you deserve in this trying time. As your trusted biohazard remediation experts, we are here for you.

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There has been a murder in your home. This is a very confusing and emotionally damaging time for you. You may have lost a family member or been forced to take defensive action yourself. Now your home needs a thorough biohazard cleaning before you will be able to return to normal. Call your local biohazard clean up business, Restoration Pros NY to help restore your home. We know that this is a sensitive time for you, allow us to come and discreetly clean your home so you can begin to put this traumatic event behind you.

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Trauma scenes

If you have had a traumatic event happen in your home then you are going to need a biohazard remediation company like Restoration Pros NY. Your home may have blood, organic tissue, bodily fluids, or other contaminants that will need to be removed and the areas cleaned. We go beyond industry standards to assure that your home is safe and healthy for you to return to once we have finished cleaning.

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Covid-19 Cleaning & Sanitization

We at Restoration Pros NY are fully capable of cleaning your home or business for the virus covid 19. We are a trusted and professional biohazard remediation company that uses chemicals proven effective against the covid 19 virus. We deliver the highest possible professional standards and are dedicated to rapid emergency response in the instance of you having a disaster. Call us today to eliminate the risk of your home or business being affected by the covid 19 virus.

All of Our Sewage Spill Services Include Cleanup & Disinfection

If your home experiences sewage backing up into it, it is important that you seal off the area if possible. Open all the windows in your home and turn your HVAC system off. You will need to call a sewage restoration company like Restoration Pros NY to help you deal with the damage. We will be able to enter the area with proper PPE, keeping ourselves safe while we remove all the debris and water. We will disinfect everything that we are able to and dehumidify the area. Once the area has been cleaned, disinfected, and dehumidified then you will be safe to return to the area.

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What Does Our Biohazard Cleanup Include?

Assess The Situation

With most damage related issues to your home the restoration company will need to assess the damages. This is especially important when you are dealing with matters of a biohazard nature. Many different fluids related to the bio-hazard category can have detrimental effects on your home, its contents, and potentially anyone residing in the home.

Control & Seal Off Affected Areas

In biohazard situations, it is extremely important to manage the biohazard situation with meticulous care and safety measures. Being a biohazard clean-up team requires special training, equipment, certifications, and licensing to ensure that the property is left safe and will not cause more damage later. The affected area will need to be sealed from the rest of the residence assuring that no airborne pathogens can spread through the home. When dealing with bodily fluids, and harmful pathogens we at Restoration Pros NY must take far more protective measures than under normal circumstances.

Removal of Hazmat Material

Next we’ll remove all traces of the bodily fluids from the residence. This is the most dangerous part of the process and will need to be treated with the most care. There must be no remaining bodily fluids after biohazard remediation. Lingering fluids can continue to spread bacteria and illness after the scene is deemed clean.

Cleanup and Disinfection

After all the fluids and remaining residue have been removed, we will need to clean and disinfect the area. We will use EPA-certified disinfectants and deodorizers to restore the affected areas to pre-damage conditions.

Verification of Thorough Cleaning

Lastly, we will verify that the area has been cleaned to an acceptable standard. We will use adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to assure that the area has been cleaned to the same level of cleanliness that a hospital uses.

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Hoarding Scene Cleanups

We have all seen the tv shows where people have let their trash and belongings gather inside their home to the point of not being able to use the house anymore. Once things have gotten too bad that is where we come in, as a biohazard remediation company we will come in and clean residence.

How Do We Clean Hoarding Scenes?

These homes are commonly filled with mountains of filth with unknown bacteria’s and feces lurking inside. Therefore, it is so important to have a professional biohazard remediation crew clean up the mess. We are trained and prepared to protect ourselves while we get the home cleaned up.
Disinfecting Services

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Restoration Pros NY is the biohazard remediation company that you want to repair your biohazard damage. With our immediate response time we can assure you that you will be spoken with quickly and in a professional manner. We are fully licensed by IICRC, insured, and maintain five stars rating. We are locally owned and operated out of Long Island, NY. We specialize in commercial and residential restoration issues. We accept all insurance companies. If you want a dependable biohazard remediation restoration company. Call the pros at Restoration Pros NY today and let us get you and your home back to normal.
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