Local Riverhead Water Damage Mitigation Experts

Weather in the Riverhead, NY area is unpredictable. Flooded basements from storms, pipe burst, and sewage backup is a constant threat. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from water damage by yourself! Restoration Pros NY will be there immediately to help return your home back to the way it was. Tap the button below to contact our team.

Get Your Property Back To Normal With Our Full-Service Riverhead Water Damage Restoration Company

If you have experienced a water damage problem that has left your home in disarray, you need not worry. At Restoration Pros, we have a reliable team that can address the water damage and restores your space into a haven for you and your family. Our residential restoration pros respond and work quickly to reduce any inconveniences caused by the water damage. We have an eye for detail to discover and remove any moisture hidden in cracks of walls and work to resolve the problem. We ensure that your home is dry and dehumidified to decrease the chances of mold formation.

We Offer Extensive Water Damage Services Throughout The Riverhead Area

Water can cause significant damage to your property and structures if not addressed quickly. Water can also affect the stability of your structure in the future. Our technicians respond quickly, restoring your building and getting rid of any damages caused by water. Our water damage services cater for damages such as:

  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Damaged water heaters
  • Sewage backups

We ensure that we dry and dehumidify your house, leaving no trace of moisture behind. We work around the clock. We will be at your disposal when you need us.


Water Extraction & Cleanup Is Our Most Sough Out Service

Do you have floods in your home or business premises? Stagnant water can cause mold, rust, rot, and other damage to your property. You could be overwhelmed trying to think of a solution. Well, look no further! We can extract the water from your home with minimal property loss and reduce the risk of long-term property damage.

Our water extraction experts use effective equipment to drain water from your residence. Our vacuums and water pumps can access all the areas in your building, including the hidden crevices and cracks in walls.

Flooding Is The #1 Cause of Water Damage in Huntington, NY & Nearby Areas

Natural disasters like floods often cause damage leaving you and your family in distress. Floods can also affect your business activities. Our technicians can get rid of the water damage in your home or business, allowing you to resume your activities. We inspect your house to determine the necessary steps that we need to undertake.

We can also help you communicate with your insurance company to speed up the claims process. Our flood restoration services ensure that all the water is extracted from your building to prevent further damage.  

Our team pumps out the water from your property with their professional equipment. We also safely handle and remove your belongings from the property. Our technicians are well equipped. They can assess your property to remove any contaminants posing a risk to your health. We inspect your property for any structural damage that could cause problems in the future.


Don’t Let Water Damage Destroy Your Home, Call Riverhead’s Top Water Damage & Flood Cleanup Company!

If you are looking for water damage contractors to handle flood cleanup, water removal, and extraction, look no further than Restoration Pros NY.

Restoration Pros NY is a full-service water damage and flood damage cleanup company that provides quick response and professional water damage cleanup services. Our team of water damage restoration experts is ready to assist you and your family with all of your water damage and flood cleanup needs.

No job is too big or too small, and our flood specialists are standing by 24/7/365 to aid you in mitigating water damage, drying out your home, and restoring your quality of life. Call us today at (631) 478-3672 or send us a message online for an obligation-free quote and to get started on your water damage cleanup and restoration services.



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