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Mold in your buildings needs immediate action to prevent damage and potential health hazards. If you are living in Southampton, then make sure that your building is free from mold attacks and other problems. When you find mold in your buildings, then you need to remove it with professional approaches. We are a top-rated company in Southampton that aims at fulfilling your requirements while removing mold. Our company will support you in the remediation process that will help transform the conditions of your buildings with the best results.

What is the cause of mold in your buildings?

You should evaluate the reasons for mold growth in your buildings with more attention that will help implement some effective measures. Some factors that can influence mold growth include poor ventilation, condensation, roof repairs, leaks, wall cracks, high moisture levels, and floods. Therefore, make sure that you maintain your buildings in good condition that will minimize mold growth.

Hidden water damage can cause mold in your buildings

Are you aware of the fact that hidden water damage in your buildings can develop mold growth? This is because many leaks are hidden within the walls or ceilings due to the nature of plumbing systems.

Here are some signs of leaks caused by water damage that can result in mold growth.

  1. Staining

Staining is the most common problem that occurs in walls and ceilings. If the signs get larger, then it is a sign of hidden water damage.

  1. Bubbling and peeling

Peeling and bubbling of paints indicate that they are the signs of hidden water damage. Apart from that, they can result in mold growth that will affect your building in various ways.

  1. Warped floors, walls, and ceilings

Warped floors, walls, and ceilings are a clear indication of hidden water damage that can influence mold growth.

  1. Musty smell

A musty smell is a key sign of mold growth which is primarily caused by hidden water damage.

  1. Visible mold

You can see mold growing on the walls and other areas that have high moisture levels due to hidden water damage.


You’ve found mold in your home, now what?

Mold can spread in your home quickly when you don’t know how to handle the problem properly. If you’ve found it in your home, then it is wise for you to follow the below steps.

  • Confirm that your building has mold growth after evaluating the conditions
  • You should seal the area as soon as possible to prevent contamination and don’t let your pets and others enter
  • You can apply bleach to the mold but it may not be effective as you think because it don’t kill the mold
  • Wear protective clothing to reduce health complications

You should contact a local mold removal service to remove mold as per IICRC guidelines that will help keep the environment in perfect condition. Our company specializes in offering the best removal services for your residential buildings with expert teams that follow the best practices.

What to do with belongings after mold removal?

Mold releases toxins in the air that can impact your health. Hence, you should consider removing some belongings from your home after the remediation process. It is wise for you to throw away porous items, paper materials, food,and food appliances immediately.

You can keep fabric items, large electronics and appliances, ceramic items, glass, and metal products with you after completing the removal process.

Key things to look for during mold inspection

You should consider some key elements during the mold inspection process because it allows you to determine the growth. Some of them include evaluation of moisture levels, mold type, an inspection of the affected areas, damages, surface testing, air testing, mold remediation protocols, etc. Mold inspection enables you to understand the severity and other issues in detail. Besides that, it will provide a sample removal plan to you that help meet your exact needs in the removal process.


How much does it cost to remove mold professionally?

The costs of a professional mold removal depend on various factors and you should evaluate them properly. Our company offers free estimates after inspecting your building.

How long does mold remediation take?

As a building owner, you should know the time taken to complete the work involved in the mold removal process. It will take 1 to 5 days to finish the mold removal process which gives ways to restore the conditions with optimal results. Our company utilizes modern equipment and tools while offering services to customers. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t cause any problems to your health.

Why are we the best choice for mold removal?

We provide mold removal services for your residential and commercial buildings in Southampton with experienced teams. Our company is a licensed one that will help you remove mold safety to ensure a better environment.

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