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Fire damage can destroy everything in its path. If you notice smoke or smell coming from your home, call 911 immediately. After the fire department arrives, they will inspect the area and assess the extent of the damage.

Then, they will begin cleaning and repairing any damaged items. If you suspect that your home is at risk of fire or you need to get your property fixed after it has been gutted by fire, contact a professional restoration company right away. Restoration Pros NY can provide you with the most effective Montauk + fire damage repair services at affordable costs. We are one of the best names in the business in the Suffolk County, and thousands of property owners rely on the expertise of our workmen.

Types of Fire damage repair Services We Offer

Fire damage cleanup is needed after a house or building is destroyed by fire. Smoke and soot can spread throughout the entire structure. It is possible for smoke residue to remain behind and cause serious health risks. Smoke odor removal is also necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Professional cleaners can remove smoke and soot from carpets, walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

Smoke odor removal is the process of getting rid of smoke smells. Most of the time, smoke odors are caused by cooking fires and grease fires. To remove smoke odors, you must clean the stove and ovens and vacuum the entire house. You may then apply a deodorizer to the affected areas.

Fire damage restoration is another common reason to hire our professionals. Whether it is smoke damage or fire damage, our professional servicemen will be able to inspect the property thoroughly and determine what needs to be done. Afterward, they will work hard to restore the structure back to its original state.

Fire damage repair is the process of repairing fire damage. Although most fire damages occur when someone accidentally sets something on fire, some fires happen due to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and forest fires.

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Our Fire damage repair Assistance

Fire damage is usually caused by a natural calamity or human negligence. This kind of damages can be devastating and costly. When fire damage happens, it is important to act immediately. It is best to call a professional to help you deal with the situation.

We can inspect the damage and determine what needs to be done. Then, we can fix the problem and restore the property back to its original condition.

Fire damage repair – What Are the Steps to Take?

Regardless of the reason behind the fire, a homeowner has to take several steps after the fire to restore their property.

First, you need to check if anyone was hurt during the fire. Then, you will need to determine whether or not the fire spread to nearby homes and businesses. Finally, you will need to assess the damage done to the residence and decide what types of repairs are needed.

Restoration Pros NY is a locally owned and operated agency and is IICRC licensed. We are a 5-star rated agency with a team that is available 24/7 and can offer immediate response for your Montauk + fire damage restoration needs.


Transparent and Fully Honest Services

Our services are transparent and you can get 100 % satisfaction guarantee along with workmanship warranty. You can always depend on our licensed and insured Montauk + fire damage repair company professionals who are reliable and absolutely dependable, because they have years of experience behind them and are thoroughly knowledgeable professionals.

We accept all insurance and can walk you through the insurance process in an efficient way. If your property has suffered fire damage repair, do not hesitate to call Restoration Pros NY.

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Expert Assistance In and Around Suffolk County

We have a dedicated team of professionals who can attend to your call and can be at your doorstep at anytime that you need!

Other than Holbrook, we also offer services in many other areas such as Greenport, Medford, Lindenhurst, Port Jefferson, Southold, Brentwood, Southampton, Montauk and DIX hills to name a few.

Whenever you are in a fix, you can give us a call! Our dedicated team members are always ready to offer expert assistance to our clients whenever they are in need of Montauk + fire damage mitigation company services from our end. They are ready 24/7!

It is never a good idea to keep on staying in a property that has been damaged due to a fire event. Smoke, residues from fire event etc can make it unsafe for you and your family members to keep living on in the property. Our expert professionals are always there to provide you with the best kind of assistance after a fire damage event and get your property restored to its original condition before long. Call us now and get benefit quickly!



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