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Weather in the Babylon area is unpredictable. Flooded basements from storms, pipe burst, and sewage backup is a constant threat. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from water damage by yourself! Restoration Pros NY will be there immediately to help return your home back to the way it was. Tap the button below to contact our team.

Professional Brookhaven Mold Removal & Remediation Services

You can never be too careful when it comes to mold. While some species of mold can cause allergies and respiratory issues, others can cause much more severe health problems. It’s essential to find and remove it as soon as possible, which is where our Brookhaven, NY mold removal and inspection services come in. Our team is committed to providing the most thorough inspections in the industry, combined with the most effective removal methods to ensure that you’re getting rid of mold before it gets worse.

What’s Included in Our Mold Removal Services?

Our Brookhaven, NY mold removal company is and will provide a comprehensive inspection of your property to determine the extent of mold contamination. We’ll use our advanced equipment to measure the levels of mold and moisture in your home, and we’ll provide you with a moisture detection report to keep your family safe. Our experts will use the most effective procedures to remove the mold and the moisture, ensuring that your property is mold-free and safe for occupancy. We’ll also provide you with a cleaning service to ensure that the mold is gone for good. Perhaps, the most significant benefit of choosing Restoration Pros NY is that we are IICRC licensed.

With that being said, it’s vital to remember that mold is hazardous and spreads quickly. Partnering with an Brookhaven, NY mold removal company will ensure that the situation is handled correctly and with care.

  • Restoration Pros NY seals off all affected areas and suits up for safety upon entering your home or business.
  • Then, we wet down all areas that need to be removed, as this prevents spores from escaping.
  • We then remove all signs of mold infestation and remove them from the property in plastic bags to keep the rest of your home protected from mold spores.
  • After ensuring that all mold has been eradicated, we use effective chemicals to kill all remaining spores and disinfect all affected surfaces.
  • Finally, our mold remediation contractors will begin repairs. So, if we or the mold cause any damage to your home during the process, everything will be returned to its pre-mold state before the process is completed.


Common Mold Remediation Process

As we mentioned, our Brookhaven, NY mold removal company takes a comprehensive approach to mold remediation and black mold removal. Here are six steps Restoration Pros NY takes to rid your home or business of mold:

Source Identification

Mold is commonly found in areas that have been affected by water or are near a moisture source. The biggest areas of concern include basements, bathrooms, window sills, and sink cabinets.Our team works to identify any elevated moisture concentrations through the use of state-of-the-art, industry-specific equipment and other tools like thermal imaging. This is a very effective way to locate any source of moisture intrusion.

Antimicrobial Application

Yet, not all mold is visible to the naked eye. In fact, some businesses and homeowners find that they have no visible signs of mold after water damage. However, our mold inspection service includes applying antimicrobials agents that can prevent mold from growing and kill any existing spores.


Containment is key to mitigating mold damage! If the conditions are right, mold will spread rapidly. So, after the source has been located and repaired, our technicians isolate all contaminated areas to stop the spread of mold to other areas of the structure.

Air Filtration

As mold is being removed, spores become airborne when disturbed. So, in addition to containment, the air will also need to be filtered and cleaned too. For this reason, our Brookhaven, NY mold removal company runs negative air machines with HEPA filters continuously until the project is finished. This helps ensure that no spores, dust, or other debris will contaminate unaffected areas.

Mold Removal and Cleanup

Most generally, the most effective way to eliminate mold is to remove all affected materials. This usually includes insulation, drywall, carpet, wood trim, and furniture.


As we previously discussed, sometimes contaminated areas require complete removal. When this occurs, don’t worry, as we’ll repair all affected


When Do You Need A Professional Mold Removal Company?

The truth is that even the most thorough cleanup can’t always get rid of all the mold. It requires specific training, certification, and equipment to be done the right way. This is vital because if it’s not treated correctly, some types of mold can be toxic and present serious health hazards.

For this reason, any time you suspect mold growth, it’s best to skip the DIY videos and call a trusted mold remediation contractor.

When you need mold removal and inspection services in Brookhaven, NY or anywhere in the Long Island area, call Restoration Pros NY. We are a family-owned and operated, top-rated mold removal company with over 20 years of experience. We offer a wide range of mold removal services, including commercial and residential mold inspection and testing, and mold remediation. Call us today with any questions or to schedule an obligation-free consultation.



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