water damage mitigation in Woodmere, NY home

Clogged Sewer Causing Multi-Level Damage in Woodmere, NY Home

  • Job Type: Sewage Loss, Water Damage and Mold Removal
  • Location: Woodmere, NY
  • Cause of the Damage: Clogged interior sewer behind a boiler
  • Rooms Affected: Basement Family Room, Laundry Room, Bathroom, Hallway, Boiler Room
  • Materials Affected: Floors, Baseboards, Drywalls and Insulation
  • Equipment Used: Moisture Meters, Dehumidifiers

We’re Restoration Pros NY, and we’re here to share a recent job we tackled in Woodmere, NY. Let’s dive into the details of our water damage and mold removal project.

A Call to Help from a Homeowner

We received a call from a distressed homeowner in Woodmere, NY. They were facing a water damage emergency due to a clogged interior sewer behind their boiler. This unfortunate incident affected multiple areas of their home, including the basement family room, laundry room, bathroom, hallway, and boiler room. The water had seeped into floors, baseboards, drywalls, and insulation, causing potential mold growth.

Tackling Water Damage in the Lowest Floor of the House

Upon receiving the call, we ran to the rescue! Our team went to the client’s home, prepared to get started. Here’s the breakdown of the steps we undertook:

  • Assessment: We began by assessing the extent of the damage using moisture meters. This helped us pinpoint the areas most affected by water seepage.
  • Extraction: With our specialized equipment, including dehumidifiers, we quickly extracted water from the rooms, preventing further damage.
  • Furniture Securing and Contents Removal: Our team took care to secure furniture and remove contents from the affected areas to minimize damage and facilitate the restoration process.
  • Drying Process: We started the drying process using state-of-the-art equipment, aiming to eliminate excess moisture and create an environment unfavorable for mold growth.
  • Snake Cleanout: To tackle the root cause of the issue, we performed a snake cleanout, ensuring that the clogged interior sewer behind the boiler was cleared, thus preventing future incidents.
  • Flood Cuts: In areas heavily impacted by water, along the family room and hallway, we made flood cuts to remove damaged drywall and insulation. This step is crucial for thorough drying and preventing mold spread.
  • Flooring Removal: We removed affected flooring throughout the affected areas, excluding the bathroom, where specific measures were taken to minimize disruption while ensuring thorough restoration.
  • Antimicrobial Spray Application: As a preventive measure against mold growth, we applied antimicrobial spray to sanitize the space, ensuring it was safe and hygienic for the homeowners.

Client Satisfied with the Job Well Done

Thanks to our fast response and thorough approach, we successfully restored the affected areas of the home in Woodmere, NY. Our diligent efforts not only resolved the water damage but also minimized potential mold issues, providing the homeowners with peace of mind. The client expressed gratitude and satisfaction through positive feedback, emphasizing their appreciation for the rapid response and detailed approach.

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