Licensed Water Damage Cleanup and Repair in Stonybrook, NY

Water damage is a serious issue, and you would be surprised by the impacts of just a few inches of water on your property. Therefore, you need to call a restoration company immediately if you notice any water damage. At Restoration Pro, we understand that water damage is an emergency that needs immediate attention, so we are always available.

What Are The Next Steps To Take If Your Home or Business In Stony Brook, NY Experiences Water Damage?

After experiencing flooding in your home, you might be worried about getting it to its previous condition. However, restoring your home involves more than cleaning and replacing damaged furniture. We recommend taking the following steps to protect your home from further damage.

Get in Touch With Your Insurance Company.

We recommend giving your insurance company a call before taking any other step. You will ask about your insurance coverage and know whether you are eligible to file a claim or not.

Contact a Water Cleanup Company in the Stony Brook Area

If you are in long Island, contact Restoration Pros, we work around the clock in providing emergency flood restoration services. We also offer dehumidification services leaving your home without a trace of moisture.

Remove & Recover Damaged Materials & Documents

Our water restoration experts remove every damaged thing in your home. Waste removal guarantees that everything in your home is fully restored.

What Is Our Water Damage Restoration Process?

During the water damage restoration and cleanup process, our technicians take four essential steps, which are:

Shutting off the utilities

After arriving at your property, the first thing we do is shut off the water source. We also determine the type of water we are dealing with. Is it clean or contaminated water? The type of water determines our next step.

Removing the stagnant water

After shutting off the water source, our team starts removing the stagnant water on your property. Depending on the amount of water in your property, we can use gas-powered pumps, pump trucks, or sanction pads. After evacuating all the stagnant water, we take all the furniture to a dry area to clean. 

Drying out the affected area

Our goal is to remove every trace of moisture from your home and reduce the risk of extensive property damage by mold or rot. Therefore, we dehumidify your property to remove any remaining moisture and humidity. Our team uses dehumidifiers, fans, filters, and moisture detectors to dehumidify.

Restoring your property to its pre-damaged condition

At Restoration Pros, we strive for perfection, and that is why the last step in our restoration process is returning your property to its normal state. We start by repairing any damage we might have caused during our restoration processes. We also restore your furniture and ensure that everything is back to its original position.


What Equipment Do We Use For Water Damage Cleanup & Repair?

At Restoration Pros, we have the proper equipment, and our team is fully trained to competently clean and restore your home to its previous condition. The equipment we use include:

  • Water pumps – After floods, you are likely to have stagnant water in your home. We use the gas-powered water pump to remove water and prevent more water-related damages.
  • Water vacuum – Water pumps cannot completely dry your floor. Therefore, we use our industrial-grade vacuum to remove residual water from your property and prevent it from soaking into your structures, especially the floor.
  • Air circulators – We use air circulators to keep air flowing. By circulating air, we reduce the humidity and the possibility of mold growth. Depending on the extent of the flooding on your property, we can leave the air circulators on for several days.
  • Steam cleaners – Our last step in flood cleaning is steam cleaning, where we apply fungicides and deodorant to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

How Long Does Water Damage Cleanup Take?

We understand that you want your property cleaned to return to your routine. However, it might take more time than you expected. The time we take to clean up thoroughly depends on the extent of the damage and the time the affected materials will take to dry. We do our clean up in two phases, which are:

  • Mitigation
  • Repair

We remove any damaged structure during the mitigation phase and dry out everything soaked in water. We can take as little as three days for a simple dry out. If extensive drying is required, it can take more days. The time it takes to dry your property depends on the following:

  • The amount of water that was on your property
  • How long has the water been on your property?
  • Whether the water was contaminated or not
  • The type of building materials damaged by the water

After drying your property, we start on the repairs. Depending on the extent of the damages, it might take us a few days or even weeks.

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

This is a loaded question. It really depends on the water damage situation, insurance provider, and the terms you signed with them. If you have a standard homeowner insurance cover and your water damage was accidental, you can file for a claim incidents like:

  • Pipe burst
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing accidents

Even when you have the standard homeowner cover, the insurance company will not cover your damages if the cause is because of:

  • Negligence
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Flooding

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