Stony Brook Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

From the after-fire inspection to complete restoration of your home or business, Stony Brook fire damage restoration experts will be there for you every step of the way. The technicians at Restoration Pros NY have years of experienced and are trained by the IICRC in comprehensive fire damage restoration and post-fire repairs. When you choose us, you’re choosing a company that utilizes the latest restoration technology and state-of-the-art equipment to handle any fire damage loss.

Professional Stony Brook Fire Damage Repair & Restoration

Restoration Pros NY Offers Comprehensive and Reliable fire damage repair services in Stony Brook, NY & nearby areas. We also provide smoke and soot cleanup. Fire, heat, and smoke affect all materials differently. To decide the procedures that must be taken to limit future damage and repair your personal property, you will need the help of a knowledgeable specialist. Our Stony Brook, New York-based team focuses on the following areas:
  • Cleanup of Water From Fire Dept.
  • Full inventory of your belongings
  • Careful packout of affected contents
  • We take your items to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility
  • Smoke damage cleanup
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Odor Control
  • Cleaning salvageable items
  • We’l bring yout items back to your property
  • Re-inventory of all contents
  • Work directly with your insurance

What Is The First Thing I Should Do After A Fire?

First of all, you should go out of your house along with anybody else present in it. Then, you must get first aid in case you have been wounded. Later, you should call a reputable and well-known company so as to restore your house. The firemen will arrive on time, and repair the house.

Using high-quality and Eco-Friendly Chemicals for Fire House Cleanup

In a few moments, your things and equipment can change from clean to unsalvageable. Our cleaning methods neutralize corrosive chemicals while also protecting surfaces from additional harm. We remove soot from a variety of surfaces, including aluminum, chrome, stone, tile, glassware, and other materials.

Fire Damage Repair Stony Brook, NY Offers Assistance for Availing of the Insurance.

Your insurance company will pay for the cleanup and restoration of your home after we complete the paperwork for the heat/smoke damage. It may be essential to create a separate assessment of your injured personal goods in order to repair those items. We’ll help you clean your clothes, furniture, and other items. Items that are unable to be repaired will be replaced.


Is It Safe To Stay In My Home During The Fire Damage Restoration Process?

It is very harmful and dangerous to stay in a house during the cleanup process. Yes, the smell of smoke following a house fire can be hazardous. It’s critical to get out of the house if you smell smoke until it’s fully clear of smoke and soot. Soil-Away is delighted to offer fire, smoke, and soot damage repair services. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You must not enter your home to remove valuables unless Fire Department authorities have given you the authorization to do so. Do not even turn on the gas, power, or water until you’ve received permission from a professional. Do not attempt to clean up the soot, smoke, or fire damage on your own.

Besides avoiding the use of any appliance, you must also not keep a step there at night. It is not safe to sleep in the home after a fire, irrespective of the size, site, or source, until the smoke damage has been eliminated.


How Long Is The Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Process?

While the duration of the repairs may differ, a fire restoration business will follow the same methods to fully restore a house. The length of these procedures depends on the intensity of the fire, and they might It can take anything from a few days to several months.

The hardest part may be finding a dependable and high-quality fire damage repair company. We recommend you to use the services of the fire Damage Repair Stony Brook, NY services. The repairs can usually be completed in one to two days. Rebuilding a home after a large fire, on the other hand, can be a long process. Reconstruction can be accomplished in a matter of weeks in some situations. In more serious cases, it might take months to rebuild a home.

Does The Water That Was Used To Put Out The Fire Hurt My Home?

If you’re not vigilant, the water used to put out a fire can cause almost as much havoc as the fire itself. Why is it not a good idea to put out a fire using water? Because water carries electricity, you could experience electrocution if you put water on an electric arc. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, you can put out an electrical fire with baking soda.

Water may creep practically everywhere after a fire is put out, allowing mold to form. Drywall could become soft and brittle over time. It can also enlarge as a result of collecting too much moisture. However, the signs may not be obvious at first. Other areas, affected by the water, are ceilings, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and framing.


Contact Stonybrook’s Expert Fire Damage Restoration Technicians

Thousands of homeowners and property owners have benefited from our highly-skilled, certified team’s assistance with fire, smoke, and other structural repair and restoration tasks. We have the resources, machinery, and knowledge to provide a thorough and complete fire damage restoration solution that fits your needs. Our fire damage repair specialists can get to work as soon as you approve our inspection and quotations.

To receive a quick and efficient fire repair service, contact us for a free in-person quote.